Jesse Alexander Design

About Me

Born and raised in the valley streets of Los Angeles County, there was nothing much to do but go out and skateboard, have water gun fights and play pick up games of soccer. One day my father came home with a gift. A light up tracing pad, and a small kit of the usual Crayola essentials. I started tracing characters from my favorite comic books and was instantly hooked. I spent hours sweating over bulbs of what seemed to have the power of one thousand suns. Early indicator, I like art.

This evolved into a completely different animal when he came home with a PowerMac (remember those from the 90’s?). I spent hours as well on that relic, learning the ins and outs of how computers work, and the potential they have. I found it fascinating how creative I can be with simple paint programs and lines of code.

Along came Highschool, I was in a pack of off-beat musicians and I was the dedicated art geek. I quickly became the guy who created the art and designed all of the websites for many local bands in my area. Having so many projects on my hands, I became very comfortable with the Adobe Suite, video production, and front-end code.

Fast forward to today. I have over 10 years of professional experience in Graphic Design, Front-End Web Design, Motion Graphics, Digital Marketing, and Professional Video Development. Some of my work you may have even seen on commercial television! Recently I have enrolled into a rigorous UX/UI Flex Certification course via Chegg Skills. With that course I learned Figma, a design program they easily lets you collaborate and create clickable prototypes, which you can check out on my case studies page. The Double Diamond Method, and a new way to approach User Based Research. Enough about me though, how can I help you? I am a creative problem solver, connect with me anytime. Check out the links below!